Hyperdub 10.3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hyperdub 10.3by Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:30


1.In McDonaldsby Burial2:06
2.Urbanby Dean Blunt2:54
3.Hole in the Sky (and The Space Ape)by Kode92:21
4.I Am Your Ambient Wifeby Inga Copeland2:57
5.Pink Sham Pain Down the Drainby Kode93:21
6.Meltby Laurel Halo2:19
7.Sirenby The Bug4:59
8.Untitled 13 (and Inga Copeland)by Dean Blunt1:04
9.City of Godby Walton1:24
10.Blueby King Midas Sound1:40
11.DSMby Lee Gamble3:38
12.Mindby Cooly G1:54
13.Night Busby Burial2:14
14.Completionby Ikonika2:12
15.Ostkreuzby Darkstar2:28
16.Lilloo’s Seductionby Fhloston Paradigm10:05
17.Time/speedby Ikonika3:45
18.Hexgonic Soundby DJ Earl1:45
19.Tryingby Cooly G3:06
20.Wowby Laurel Halo1:21
21.Shanxiby Fatima Al Qadiri3:37
22.Reach the Devilby DVA4:22
23.Gage (and Borys)by Jeremy Greenspan7:58

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