I Am... Sasha Fierce mp3 Album by Beyoncé

I Am... Sasha Fierceby Beyoncé

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:54


Disk #1

1.If I Were A Boy4:10
4.Broken-Hearted Girl4:39
5.Ave Maria3:42
6.Smash Into You4:32
8.That'S Why You'Re Beautiful3:41

Disk #2

1.Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)3:13
4.Sweet Dreams3:28
5.Video Phone3:35
8.Scared Of Lonely3:43
I liked a few of the songs off of this album, and I thought that Halo was the best out of all of them. Single Ladies is obviously a strong track that I love. I give her a 4 our of 5, because I feel like she could have done just a tad bit better, although the album was good in my opinion!
Disco Boy
C'mon, what is she thinking? Why split this into two CDs when it could have easily fit on one? So she has an alter ego. That accounts for the sassy, danceable, hip-hoppish vibe of the "Sasha Fierce" cd, and the Beyonce cd is more top 40, poppy, with ballads? Uhh excuse me, but don't all of her albums alternate between pop, R'B, and ballads? This amounts to nothing more than a gimmick. And the "Sasha" side just sounds like noise. "Single Ladies" sounds like "Crazy In Love" part 2,(I don't like and I wish she'd put a sock in it!) All the rest (Radio, Diva) are hard to tell apart. The lone exception is "Sweet Dreams", which is more dance oriented than the rest of the album. The Beyonce cd does have some nice ballads, (Halo and If I Were A Boy) so all is not lost with this CD. But who would have thought that ex-Destiny Child member, Michelle Williams would put out the better album this year? Just sayin....