I Hope We Make It Out of This Alive mp3 Album by Sold Soul

I Hope We Make It Out of This Aliveby Sold Soul

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:34


1.The Devil's Cacophany4:03
2.Hunt Above, Dwell Below (feat. Cameron McBride)6:21
3.Summit Of Dragons (feat. Chris Wiseman)3:46
4.Valley of Lycans (feat. Stu Block)3:55
5.Cathedral Of Dracul (feat. Twisted Insane)4:11
6.Sea Of Ghosts4:35
7.Something's Breathing in the Hallway, I Live Alone (feat. Matt Perrin)4:27
8.Things Betwixt4:45
9.For Whom the Banshee Cries (feat. Brittney Slayes)6:24
10.The Twin Courts of Faerie, and the Perils of Sidhe Ritual4:53
11.A Voyage Through River Styx (Remastered) (feat. Niko Abyss)4:34
12.Mr. Crowley4:40