I Look To You mp3 Album by Whitney Houston
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:45


1.Million Dollar Bill3:24
2.Nothin' But Love3:36
3.Call You Tonight4:10
4.I Look To You4:27
5.Like I Never Left3:52
6.A Song For You4:13
7.I Didn't Know My Own Strength3:42
8.Worth It4:41
9.For The Lovers4:15
10.I Got You4:14
Disco Boy
Let's face it. Her voice isn't what it used to be. But she still sounds MUCH better than a lot of what is passing for music these days. And the songs she's picked are actually really good. I was ready to write this one off, but I gotta give her props. Million Dollar Bill and Nothin' But Love are excellent ways to start this album off. I Look To You borders on the musical equivalent of Ambien, but she sells it. Hoarse voice and all. I Didn't Know My Own Strength is a good Diane Warren ballad and alludes to the trials and tribulations (most of which brought on herself) Whitney's been through. Akon turns in two hot ones, and the closing , Salute, is a good way to end the album. I'm not sold on a few of the songs (Worth It and A Song For You especially) but the ones that are good are REAL good.