I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 19 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 19by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:29:31


Disk #1

1.Say You'll Never (D.J. alternative mix)by Lian Ross6:31
2.Polaris (12" version)by Cyber People5:38
3.Angelitas Eyes (12" vocal version)by Angelita's Boys6:06
4.Fragile (disco version)by Moy'6:52
5.Take It (Mayerling) (The "One" remix)by Clock on 56:23
6.Calypso Girl (mix version)by Foster4:25
7.Save the Fire (12" vocal version)by Giusy Ravizza6:45
8.You See (12" vocal version)by Helicon6:39
9.A Summer Night (12" vocal version)by Liza Mancini5:31
10.One Race (12" vocal version)by The Managers7:22
11.I've Got Your Soul (extended version)by Mr. Rocambole6:36

Disk #2

1.Computerized Love (12" version)by Tango5:16
2.I Can't Get Enough (12" version)by Prime Time6:47
3.I Know, I Know (disco remix 1)by Sylvie Sanders5:27
4.She's Mine (12" vocal)by Raf Coney6:39
5.Strange Vibration (12" version)by Ralph River Band6:40
6.Loving All the Time (special dance mix)by Roger Meno5:39
7.Doctor Faustu's (12" version)by Cyber People7:01
8.Power Run (Space mix)by Laserdance5:45
9.Devil's Rendezvous (12" version)by Mozzart7:04
10.Don't Wake Me Up (Another mix)by J.D. Jaber8:07
11.Don't Tell Me No Lies (12" version)by Beau Sexon6:31

Disk #3

1.Star (remix)by Claudio Mingardi7:02
2.Take Me (club version)by Belle Belle6:11
3.Call My Name (The Final Disco remix)by Creative Connection6:17
4.Don't Go Away (extended dance version)by Roger Meno5:51
5.Don't Cry (12" vocal)by Ken Laszlo5:33
6.Mañana (12" version)by Loco Loco6:40
7.Do You Really Want Me (Special DJ-mix)by Alexis6:22
8.Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao (Sexy Poser mix)by Mauro7:43
9.Japanese War Gameby Koto6:36
10.Nobody Helps (vocal version)by Fast Karma5:37
11.Cannibales (Baa-Boù - Baa-Boù) (12" version)by Lee Marrow5:55

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