I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 23 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 23by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:23:00


Disk #1

1.Color My Love (Club Mix)by Fun Fun7:40
2.Love In A Summer Night (Vocal Version)by Brand Image5:09
3.Let's Go To Sitges (Maxi Version)by David Lyme4:45
4.Happy Moon (Vocal Version)by Mike Rogers6:00
5.Robin Hood (Vocal Version)by William King6:51
6.Lost In The Night (Vocal Version)by Kostas Haritodiplomenos5:25
7.Disco Halloween (Vocal Version)by Forbidden Fruits6:38
8.The Years (Go By)by Fred Ventura6:16
9.In Front Of Youby Common Sense6:37
10.Forever Mineby Claudio Mingardi5:21
11.Tokio's (Vocal Version)by Aki4:48

Disk #2

1.It's So Easy (Vocal Version)by Valerie Dore6:30
2.Mi Amor (US Remix Long)by Plastic Mode6:50
3.Flash In The Night (Extended Version)by Public Passion6:29
4.Baby Baby (Vocal Version)by Daydream5:10
5.Run To Me (Vocal Version)by Ray Foster5:50
6.What To Say (Vocal Version)by Dea5:45
7.Keep On Living (12'' Version)by Oxo5:49
8.Victory (Vocal Version)by Chris5:45
9.Venture In My Heart (12'' Mix Version)by Marco Martina5:43
10.Dancing In The Tears (Vocal Version)by Body Power5:18
11.I Love You (12'' Vocal)by Helen8:02

Disk #3

1.Come Back To Me (Vocal Version)by Morgana6:46
2.I Know (Extended Version)by Dyva6:15
3.Love Is The Reason (Vocal Version)by Time6:10
4.Doctor Jekyll (Jekyll Version)by Atrium6:25
5.Good Vibrations (Mix Version)by Alan Barry4:42
6.Make Me Upby Rose7:28
7.The World Is You (Extended Version)by Miko Mission7:32
8.Down To Africa (Vocal Version)by Crysalis5:02
9.Chinaboyby Margie M.5:43
10.Play The Game (Lolly Dance)by Rudy & Co.5:43
11.Take Me To The Top (85 New Dance Version)by Advance8:33

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