I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 5by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:21:51


Disk #1

1.Animal Farm (extended version)by Perestroika Power5:28
2.Magic (extended version)by Josy6:24
3.Fantasy (New remix)by Lian Ross6:55
4.Secret Eyes (extended version)by L'Affair5:48
5.Lady Fantasy (remix)by Max Him5:55
6.Colours (extended version)by Tabu D'Apache5:22
7.You and Me (extended version)by Jules6:03
8.America (extended version)by Cruisin' Gang7:28
9.Dance With Me (dance version)by Claudia T.5:20
10.Vision of Love (extended version)by DJ's Project7:55
11.Fuerza Major (extended version)by Camaro's Gang5:11

Disk #2

1.Swiss Boy (extended version)by Lou Stern5:07
2.Danger for Loveby Deborah5:36
3.Dancin' in the Nightby Psychic Interface5:08
4.Tap Dancing - Woody Up (vocal version)by Cruisin' Gang3:49
5.Do It (extended version)by Digital Ram10:13
6.What My Heart Wanna Say (extended version)by Roger Meno6:03
7.Bronx (maxi version)by Camaro's Gang5:57
8.I Want To... (extended version)by Jules6:22
9.Let Me Free (dance version)by Gina5:34
10.Watch Outby Jackie Touche5:13
11.Zanzibarby Helen6:05

Disk #3

1.Traces of Sandby Cruisin' Gang5:20
2.Love at First (extended version)by Joe Yellow6:01
3.Do You Really Need Me (extended version)by K.B. Caps6:36
4.Do You (vocal version)by Duke Lake6:31
5.Blinded by the Light (maxi version)by Shipra5:50
6.Do You Want Me? (dance version)by Sauvage6:34
7.Everything You Love (Dolce VIta edit)by Chip Chip6:12
8.Upside Down (Full Power DJ mix)by Coo Coo7:57
9.Lies (Full Power DJ mix)by King Kong & D'Jungle Girls7:05
10.Crank It Up (Full Cry mix)by Thomas & Schubert5:40
11.Ciao (extended version)by Paula Evans5:09

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