Ibiza Closing Party 2020 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Ibiza Closing Party 2020by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:20:16


1.Shout (Sascha Kloeber Remix) (feat. Genius Jane)by AL-Faris & Superfinger3:29
2.One Of Us (Dennis Ferrer Remix) (feat. Forrest)by Sabb6:52
3.Pull Me Down (Short Edit)by Marco Lys3:41
4.Somebody To Love (No Hopes Remix)by DJ Blackstone5:25
5.Think About (Original Mix) (and Mikimoto feat. Irma Derby)by Benny Royal2:55
6.Everywhere We Go (Sans Souci Remix) (and Basti M)by Brockman2:47
7.Dame (Original Mix) (and HVMZA feat. Marocco)by El Mukuka3:35
8.Ladies Night (Back & EM Pi Remix)by Yvvan Back6:35
9.America (Original Mix) (and Lissat)by Block & Crown4:55
10.Veraloga (Tube & Berger Remix) (with Ante Perry & IMYD)by Dayne S5:21
11.Groovin (Original Mix)by Wrigley3:50
12.Blow My Mind (Original Mix)by KeinKlang3:28
13.Obsession (Original Mix)by PNDMC5:07
14.Ready For The Night (Original Mix)by Solon3:28
15.Flair (Original Mix) (with Gary Caos & DJ Jean)by San Sebastian4:43
16.Rugueux (Original Mix)by Luca Debonaire5:40
17.Something Special (Extended Mix)by Ben Delay4:49
18.I'm The One (Original Mix) (and Marc Rousso)by Block & Crown5:09
19.Back Where I Belong (Original Mix) (and Da Funk Junkies)by Maurizio Basilotta5:29
20.Rocket (Original Mix) (and AYAREZ)by Vanilla Ace5:10
21.JJ Thomson (Original Mix)by Chris Di Perri6:42
22.Paradise Garage (Original Mix)by Steve Hope6:17
23.A Little Love (Original Mix)by Sentinel Groove5:57
24.The Cure (Original Mix)by Two Lee8:35
25.La Xanga (Original Mix) (and Cris Ruiz)by Denace 2 Society5:29
26.Heard Enough (Original Mix)by Savin5:34
27.Boyz (Original Mix) (with S7VEN & Alex Lafuente)by Coqui Selection7:06
28.Funk Up (Original Mix)by FranK-Lo5:43
29.Oh Lord (Original Mix)by NUMA A TFIVE6:19
30.Invention (Re Rub Club Mix)by DJ Burlak6:48
31.Still Rockin' (Original Mix)by Diver City5:50
32.Ailes (Original Mix)by Jaques Le Noir4:57
33.Don'T Do That (Original Mix)by Mikimoto2:58
34.Together All (Original Mix)by Solon3:08
35.Fugas (Original Mix)by George Privatti6:53
36.Morphing (Original Mix)by DJ PD3:26
37.I Have A Ghost (Original Mix)by Julian the Angel5:57
38.Ashes (Mario Da Ragnio Remix)by PNDMC3:41
39.90803 (2020) (and Gotlucky)by Tom Wax3:35
40.Big Boss (Original Mix)by Finiq2:53