Ibiza Deep House 2020 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Ibiza Deep House 2020by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:45:16


1.I Love To Love (Simone Vitullo Remix) (feat. Traumton)by Tina Charles7:18
2.Tijuana Moon (Radio Edit)by Traumton3:48
3.Guitar Man (Club Mix)by Ibiza House Party3:16
4.Get It On (Club Mix)by Like It Deep4:06
5.Streetdance (Edit)by Disco Street Machine3:09
6.Oh Baby (Club Mix)by Ibiza House Party3:58
7.Saddle Up (Club Mix) (feat. David Christie)by Traumton7:08
8.Clouds Across The Stars (Edit)by Chilling Glow3:37
9.Mescalito (Club Mix)by Ibiza House Party6:28
10.Deeper Love (Club Mix)by Like It Deep3:30
11.I Love To Love (Dub Mix) (feat. Traumton)by Tina Charles6:16
12.Funkin' For Detroit (Edit)by Chilling Glow3:29
13.Sunrise (Radio Edit)by Mr. Chillout3:03
14.Tube Riding (Radio Edit)by Traumton3:45
15.Sunset (Radio Edit)by Mr. Chillout3:26
16.Deep Dive (Radio Edit)by Mr. Chillout3:17
17.Sandburg (Radio Edit)by PHAC4:49
18.Into The Blue (Radio Edit)by Just Be Cool3:22
19.Space Cowboys (Edit)by Disco Street Machine3:19
20.Brooklyn (Club Mix)by Traumton3:04
21.Ganja (Club Mix)by Deephenomena7:41
22.Eastside Jams (Edit)by Eastside Jams3:17
23.Tecumtha (Indiana Beach Mix)by Traumton7:12
24.Summer Moves On (Radio Edit)by Just Be Cool2:58

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