Idealists In Distress From Bristol mp3 Live by The Pop Group

Idealists In Distress From Bristolby The Pop Group

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:23:45


Disk #1

1.Don't Sell Your Dreams3:42
2.She Is Beyond Good and Evil5:48
3.Don't Call Me Pain7:33
4.Snow Girl3:39
5.Don't Sell Your Dreams3:39
6.The Boys From Brazil4:56
7.We Are Time5:42
8.Thief of Fire1:37
9.Forces of Oppression2:17
10.Shake the Foundations3:26
11.Forces of Oppression2:25
12.Feed the Hungry4:09
13.Thief of Fire3:51
14.There Are No Spectators5:08
15.God Problems Communism2:48
16.For How Much Longer4:26
18.We Are All Prostitutes4:40
19.Shake the Foundations3:41

Disk #2

1.Shake the Foundations1:48
2.Forces of Oppression3:21
3.Thief of Fire3:28
4.Feed the Hungry3:39
5.There Are No Spectators3:57
6.Crime of the Evening2:52
7.For How Much Longer4:11
8.Where There's a Will4:47
10.We Are All Prostitutes6:46
11.Shake the Foundations3:02
12.Liberty City9:50
13.Hotter Than 1000 Suns5:58
14.Feed the Hungry4:37
15.Entertain Your Life Away4:55