Illusions, Vol.2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Illusions, Vol.2by Various Artists

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:02:31


Disk #1

1.East In Spaceby Quazar6:47
2.Kenby Tritonas7:35
3.Outsiderby Alien5:53
4.Insomniaby Celtar7:41
5.Like Israelby Digital Creator7:28
6.Fly Awayby Exile5:49
7.MagiGoLDby Self Taught7:55
8.Electric Journey (feat. Soundreamer)by Chorus9:06

Disk #2

1.If You Want To Called Human! (feat. Atropos)by Apocalipsis7:55
2.Theofaneiaby Loop7:18
3.Halcyon Daysby Rainman9:19
4.Thracianby Sirius6:24
5.Dance X Plosionby Gezenstern7:55
6.Reconnectby Psychism9:44
7.K - Grill Mixby Sunkist6:39
8.The Tree Of The Soulsby Fallacia9:03