Improvement mp3 Album by Robert Ashley
  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:28:08


Disk #1

1.Act I, Prelude: The Argument1:30
2.Act I, Scene 1: Sunset at the Turnoff1:07
3.Act I, Scene 2: The Airline Ticket Counter1:40
4.Act I, Scene 3: The Correspondences Text2:43
5.Act I, Scene 4: The Ride to Town6:37
6.Act I, Scene 5: The Airline Ticket Counter1:45
7.Act I, Scene 6: The Indifference Text4:35
8.Act I, Scene 7: Back Home...2:02
9.Act I, Scene 8: Mr. George Payne2:08
10.Act I, Scene 9: The Contents of Her Purse10:14
11.Act I, Scene 10: Supper with Mr. Payne's Mother3:40
12.Act I, Scene 11: Golf Left-handed4:28
13.Act I, Scene 12: A Moment (Very Late)...1:32

Disk #2

1.Act II, Scene 13: The Big City0:53
2.Act II, Scene 13 (continued): Tarzan3:04
3.Act II, Scene 13 (continued): The Big City0:40
4.Act II, Scene 14: The Doctor3:53
5.Act II, Scene 14 (continued): The Offering of Images4:20
6.Act II, Scene 15: The Good Life5:10
7.Act II, Scene 16: Trouble0:27
8.Act II, Scene 15 (continued): The Good Life0:13
9.Act II, Scene 16 (continued): Trouble2:40
10.Act II, Scene 15 (continued): The Good Life0:40
11.Act II, Scene 17: A Place in the Country2:47
12.Act II, Scene 18: Happiness, Properity, and Forgetfulness9:06
13.Act II, Scene 19: The Bridge Game5:03
14.Act II, Scene 20: North (Berlin / A Tango)2:03
15.Act II, Scene 21: East (River Rouge)0:30
16.Act II, Scene 22: South (Campo dei Fiori, Rome)1:20
17.Act II, Scene 23: West (Atlantis)1:18