In My Darkest Hour mp3 Album by Twisted Insane

In My Darkest Hourby Twisted Insane

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:12


1.The Initial High (In My Darkest Hour)0:57
2.Round 83:35
3.AK47s in the Freezer5:03
4.Ed Gein5:36
5.Bottle Run (Skit)1:00
6.Ken and Ryu's Massacre2:47
7.The First 485:20
8.In My Darkest Hour3:26
9.No Heart3:23
10.Miss Fortune/Death Sentence (feat. C. Ray)3:47
11.Beneath The Stars5:26
12.Who Is My Enemy/Death Sentence 23:34
14.The Cemetary (Skit)2:04
15.Smoke and Mirrors (feat. Dayo G & Z)4:56
17.No Rest for the Wicked (feat. C. Ray)3:07
18.Let Me Live4:26
19.Sweet Dreams (Skit)0:46

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