In Search of Sunrise 16 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

In Search of Sunrise 16by Various Artists

  • 53 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:51:28


1.Balearic Reflection (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Intro Mix)by Johan Gielen5:39
2.Shimmer of Tides (Original Mix)by Sean & Xander4:04
3.Empty Streets (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Remix)by Late Night Alumni4:30
4.Stroller Symphony (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Rework)by Kris O'Neil3:07
5.Tomorrow (Original Mix)by Ferry Corsten4:23
6.Midnight Colours (Original Mix)by Mike EFEX3:19
7.In Search Of Sunrise (Original Mix) (and Adina Butar)by Markus Schulz4:15
8.Afterglow (Kryder Remix) (feat. Natalie Shay)by Grum3:41
9.Melodrama (Original Mix)by Purple Stories3:23
10.Tuvalu (Original Mix)by Iona Coast3:05
11.Stealing Time (Markus Schulz In Search of Sunrise Rework) (and Jan Johnston)by DJ T.H.3:24
12.Thorium-238 (Original Mix) (pres. Isotapes)by NOMADsignal3:44
13.A Glimmer Of Hope (Original Mix) (pres. Ocata)by Dave Neven3:35
14.Are You Out There (Original Mix)by Arkham Knights3:39
15.Once In A Lifetime (I Found Sunrise Mix)by Daniel Wanrooy6:55
16.While We Wait (Original Mix)by Daxson2:57
17.Blankensee (Markus Schulz In Search of Sunrise Rework) (and Ad Astra)by Yelow3:23
18.Hypnotized (Markus Schulz Remix) (pres. StoneBlue feat. Emma Hewitt)by Ilan Bluestone3:16
19.In Search of Sunrise 16 (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:17:59
20.Carrying The Fire (Original Mix)by Madis4:36
21.If This Is True (Original Mix)by Cressida3:40
22.Falcon (Original Mix) (feat. Madeleine Wood)by Francesco Sambero2:58
23.Take Me With You (Original Mix) (pres. Hydra)by The Thrillseekers3:35
24.No Man's Sky (Original Mix)by Hypaton3:51
25.It Can’t Rain For Ever (Original Mix)by Andrea Mazza3:46
26.Not One Goodbye (Original Mix) (feat. Sue McLaren)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:59
27.Karma (Original Mix)by Peter Steele3:48
28.Spellbound (Original Mix)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:55
29.Animus (Original Mix)by Manuel Le Saux3:52
30.New Horizons (Original Mix)by Starpicker3:51
31.Till We Meet Again (Original Mix)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:44
32.Into This Galaxy (Original Mix)by Peter Santos3:36
33.A Life Time Away (Original Mix)by Rich Triphonic3:48
34.Butterflies (Original Mix) (and DJ T.H. with Linnea Schossow)by Manuel Le Saux3:51
35.Sundown (Original Mix)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:53
36.In Search of Sunrise 16 (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:17:37
37.Hello Sunrise (Chillout Mix)by Sunlounger5:32
38.New York City (Escape Mix) (with Starkillers & Austin Leeds feat. Ashley Tomberlin)by Paul van Dyk5:19
39.Unbreakable (Sunlounger Remix) (meets Roger Shah & Susana)by Aly & Fila6:38
40.You & I (Sunlounger Remix)by Yelow4:27
41.I Die (Josh Ferrin Chillout Remix) (and Alan Morris feat. Sue McLaren)by Dennis Sheperd5:35
42.Bliss (Chillout Mix) (pres, Melodia)by Pierre Pienaar6:17
43.Don't Say Goodbye (Original Mix) (and Roxanne Emery)by Ahmed Romel5:41
44.Gratitude (Chillout Mix)by Thomas Benscher3:53
45.Super Nature (Chillout Mix)by Stoneface & Terminal4:55
46.This Is All We Have (Sunset Mix)by The Thrillseekers4:04
47.8K (Chillout Mix)by Giuseppe Ottaviani30:24
48.In Peace (Chill Mix)by Cold Blue6:50
49.Away From Me (Original Mix) (feat. Sopheary)by Pavel Khvaleev3:39
50.Fragile (Ambienced) (and Natasha Jaffe)by Marco Torrance4:15
51.I Can Feel (Chillout Mix) (and Sunlounger)by Dennis Sheperd4:40
52.Save The World (Sunlounger Remix) (and Natalie Gioia)by Roger Shah5:17
53.In Search of Sunrise 16 (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:17:24