Infernal Piano Plot...Hatched! mp3 Album by The Claudettes

Infernal Piano Plot...Hatched!by The Claudettes

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:32


1.Stumblin' Home Satisfied2:54
2.Big Sucker Punch3:13
3.Hammer And Tickle3:20
4.Tide Pool3:14
5.Deep Soul For High Society2:41
6.New Oreleans Yard Sale (New 11-Bar Blues)2:49
7.Infernal Piano Plot...Hatched!3:08
8.Serenading The Clean-Up Crew4:00
9.Tremblin' Blues3:09
11.Land Of Precisely Three Dances2:32
12.Chin-Up Tango3:18
13.Do You See It Too2:35