Interbreeding IV: Gefährlich mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Interbreeding IV: Gefährlichby Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:25


Disk #1

1.The Storm (Enhanced)by The Retrosic6:01
2.Hellbound (club mix)by Dawn of Ashes4:10
3.Post Mortemby Deadjump2:22
4.Criminal Intentby TERRORFAKT3:12
5.Damage Doneby Projekt 25014:41
6.Blossom (Interbreeding IV mix)by Stark4:50
7.Massive Democratic Maintenance (remix by Soren Jensen)by Severe Illusion5:17
8.Stellarburnby UV3:48
9.Woanders Sein (Interbreeding IV remix 2004 by Timo Donati)by Dein Schatten4:23
10.Static Stream (System Syn remix)by Filament 385:14
11.Sheby Fractured4:18
12.Fallen Angel (Vocals by Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch)by Earthshock!4:59
13.Aestheticby Alaska Highway4:01
14.Perverted Dreamsby Schattenschlag4:36
15.Totenplatzby Endif4:05
16.Purity (Massiv in Mensch remix)by XP84:31
17.Mutilationby K-Bereit3:05
18.Straight Down (More.Machine.Than.Man remix)by XP84:03

Disk #2

1.731 Squadronby The Cryptids2:51
2.Softkill (Brainclaw Cathodicide mix)by Brainclaw5:00
3.In Your Eyesby Re_agent5:46
4.Tracing Veins (club mix)by System Syn5:10
5.Let the Planet Burnby Prospero with Battery Cage4:51
6.Darkness (Agonoize mix)by Beta4:06
7.Psycho vs. Killerby Retractor4:56
8.Lanzate Al Vacioby SIN3:50
9.Pussy Juice (Before Evisceration mix)by Obszön Geschöpf4:33
10.Hier Im Nebel (Egalite by Y-LUK-O)by Mona Mur5:05
11.Canaan (Lukotyk Mutation)by Mindless Faith5:28
12.New World Order (Shiva the Destroyer remix by Battery Cage)by Injury4:51
13.Generation Hateby Thirteenth Exile4:04
14.Gefahrenfrau (Femme Ideale by Patrick Codenys of Front 242)by Y-Luk-O4:51
15.TYPEcastby Type0015:35
16.Reunion (album mix)by The Mercy Cage5:52