Into The Gap (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Thompson Twins

Into The Gap (Deluxe Edition)by Thompson Twins

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:22:49


Disk #1

1.Doctor! Doctor!4:39
2.You Take Me Up4:28
3.Day After Day3:50
4.Sister Of Mercy5:09
5.No Peace For The Wicked4:05
6.The Gap4:45
7.Hold Me Now4:46
8.Storm On The Sea5:33
9.Who Can Stop The Rain5:48
10.Leopard Ray (Remix)3:22
11.Doctor! Doctor! (Remix)7:52
12.Panic Station (Day After Day) (Remix)4:46
13.Down Tools (Remix)4:25
14.Hold Me Now (Remix)9:47
15.Funeral Dance (No Peace For The Wicked) (Remix)3:14

Disk #2

1.Compass Points [The Gap]5:01
2.Still Water [Storm On The Sea]3:52
3.You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) [12' Version]7:25
4.Sister Of Mercy [12' Version]9:26
5.Let Loving Start [12']8:55
6.You Take Me Up (High Plains Mixer) [Us 12' Remix]8:29
7.Nurse Shark4:09
8.Passion Planet3:45
9.You Take Me Up (Instrumental Remix)6:20
10.Out Of The Gap (Megamix Extended Version)8:58

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Andrew Richardson
Many of the best bands of all time have that one album where time and place all seem to come together. These albums are creative and commercial highs and are considered classics. Examples of this would include The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds", Queen's "A Night At The Opera", U2 "The Joshua Tree", etc. Into The Gap is that album for The Thompson Twins. Very much a concept album, each track flows smoothly and beautifully into the next. The album is full of amazing gems such as "Hold Me Now", "Sister Of Mercy", "Doctor!Doctor!" and "You Take Me Up". A massive media-frenzied tour followed this album as the band rocked stadiums around the world! As an added bonus, the download offers many awesome additional mixes and tracks! Don't miss this one - a must have for your collection! Download today!!