Intonarumori mp3 Album by Material
  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:17


1.Intime (feat. Ramm Ell Zee)1:10
2.Conspiracies (feat. Kool Keith and Kut Masta Kurt)4:24
3.Rodent Robots (feat. Extrakd and Eddie Def)1:30
4.Burnin' (feat. Flavor Flav, phonosychographDISK and DXT)4:38
5.Who Wakes the Rooster? (feat. Extrakd and Eddie Def)1:19
6.This Morning (feat. Juggaknots, Breeze & Queen Heroine)3:54
7.No Guts No Galaxy (feat. Ramm Ell Zee and phonosychographDISK)4:47
8.Temple of the Mental (feat. Killah Priest)6:10
9.All That Future (feat. Lori Carson and Bernie Worrell)5:36
10.My Style Is I Ain't Got No Style (feat. Nature Boy Jim Kelly)4:55
11.Snipers for Biters (feat. Extrakd and Eddie Def)1:50
12.Checkpoint 0.1 (feat. Scotty Hard, Elwood and Ted Parsons)3:53
13.Mind Drift (feat. Ahlill the Transcending Soldier & Alicia Blue)6:06
14.Life Itself (feat. The Ghetto Prophets & DXT)3:27
15.Flow (feat. Alicia Blue)3:54
16.Freestyle Journal (feat. Ahlill the Transcending Soldier, phonosychographDISK and Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey)3:51
17.Hisstory (feat. Ramm Ell Zee)3:53