Invasion of the Robot Brains From Planet Zero mp3 Album by Defence Mechanism

Invasion of the Robot Brains From Planet Zeroby Defence Mechanism

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:15


1.Dance Ex Machina (non album mix)5:25
2.We're Gonna Fade (non album mix)6:48
3.Shiny Metal Brains (non album mix)5:51
4.Robots of Dawn (non album mix)4:53
5.Maybe I Won't (non album mix)5:43
6.Grid Bugs and Tanks (non album mix)4:47
7.Metropolis (non album mix)5:29
8.Let's Get Out of Here! (non album mix)5:10
9.Emergency Population Control (non album mix)6:34
10.Last Man on Earth (non album mix)5:02
11.Revenge of the Snake Charmer (non album mix)5:47
12.Dance Ex(tended) Machina (12 inch mix)7:16
13.Last Man on Earth (7 inch mix)4:30