Invictus: Soul Box Set (Limited Edition) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Invictus: Soul Box Set (Limited Edition)by Various Artists

  • 68 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:51:57


Disk #1

1.Band Of Goldby Freda Payne2:55
2.Give Me Just A Little More Timeby Chairmen of the Board2:42
3.Why Can't We Be Lovers (feat. Lamont Dozier)by Holland-Dozier3:45
4.Want Adsby The Honey Cone2:48
5.Finder's Keepersby Chairmen of the Board3:35
6.Westbound No.9by Flaming Ember3:33
7.Somebody's Been Sleeping (In My Bed)by 100 Proof (Aged in Soul)3:08
8.Deeper And Deeperby Freda Payne3:04
9.Working On A Building Of Loveby Chairmen of the Board2:57
10.Women's Love Rightsby Laura Lee3:15
11.Stick-Upby The Honey Cone3:03
12.Everything's Tuesdayby Chairmen of the Board2:51
13.She's Not Just Another Womanby The 8th Day3:05
14.I'm Not My Brother's Keeperby Flaming Ember3:06
15.Elmo Jamesby Chairmen of the Board4:21
16.Crumbs Off The Tableby The Glass House2:48
17.One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (Pt. 1)by The Honey Cone3:30
18.Pay To The Piperby Chairmen of the Board3:09
19.You've Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)by The 8th Day2:54
20.(You've Got Me) Dangling On A Stringby Chairmen of the Board2:59
21.Rip Offby Laura Lee3:17
22.The Day I Found Myselfby The Honey Cone3:01
23.Bring The Boys Homeby Freda Payne3:31
24.I'm On My Way To A Better Placeby Chairmen of the Board4:08

Disk #2

1.Patchesby Chairmen of the Board3:32
2.Love Factoryby Eloise Laws3:24
3.That's Loveby The Hi-Lites3:09
4.While You're Out Looking For Sugarby The Honey Cone3:15
5.I Shall Not Be Movedby The Barrino Brothers2:28
6.Taster Of The Honeyby The Jones Girls2:54
7.Wanting Youby Earl English2:47
8.Can't Get Enough Of Youby Tyrone Edwards3:01
9.Cherish What Is Dear To You (While It's Near To You)by Freda Payne3:57
10.I'm So Glad (Pt. 1)by Brian Holland3:59 Scherrie Payne3:14
12.Everything Good Is Badby 100 Proof (Aged in Soul)4:53
13.New Breed Kinda Womanby Holland-Dozier3:51
14.Try On My Love For Sizeby Chairmen of the Board3:29
15.Let Love Growby Brenda Holloway2:40
16.You Made Me Overby Melvin Davis3:32
17.I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymoreby Ty Hunter3:47
18.Something New About Youby The Silent Majority2:51
19.Your Love Controls Meby The Jones Girls2:45
20.Mama's Little Baby (Loves Lovin')by Brotherly Love2:46
21.The Music Boxby Ruth Copeland3:40
22.Don't Leave Me Starvin' For Your Love (Pt. 1) (feat. Brian Holland)by Holland-Dozier3:23
23.You Brought The Joyby Freda Payne2:56
24.(I've Been A Winner, I've Been A Loser) I've Been In Loveby Smith Connection3:29

Disk #3

1.Gimme Shelterby Ruth Copeland8:05
2.Life And Death (Pt. 1)by Chairmen of the Board3:08
3.Come In Out Of The Rainby Parliament2:57
4.The Unhooked Generationby Freda Payne2:31
5.Bump Your Lady (Pts 1 & 2)by Natural High3:56
6.Free Your Mindby The Politicians2:50
7.Bar-B-Q-Ribsby Raynel Wynglas2:44
8.Sunday Morning Peopleby Harrison Kennedy3:10
9.Time Gonna Change Everythingby Lucifer6:11
10.Sittin' On A Time Bombby Lee Charles2:52
11.I Need It Just As Bad As Youby Laura Lee3:00
12.Stop The World And Let Me Offby Flaming Ember3:04
13.Hanging On (To) A Memoryby Chairmen of the Board4:13
14.I'm Bugging Your Phone (Pt. 1)by Smith Connection2:37
15.Chebaby The 8th Day4:30
16.Mother Misery's Favorite Childby Freda Payne5:08
17.Chairman Of The Boardby Chairmen of the Board3:36
18.I Call My Baby Pussycatby Parliament4:24
19.I Got It (Pt. 1)by New York Port Authority3:33
20.Sliced Tomatoesby The Just Brothers2:21