Itstrumental mp3 Album by Prince Paul

Itstrumentalby Prince Paul

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:41


1.MVU, Act 10:51
2.It’s a Stick Up2:39
3.Flattery (feat. Steinski)2:45
4.My Friend the Popmaster4:09
5.Inside Your Mind (feat. Mr. Dead & MC Paul Barman)3:03
6.El Ka Bong1:23
7.MVU, Act 20:49
8.Yes, I Do Love Them Ho’s!3:44
9.What Are You Afraid Of?2:26
10.I Want You (I Am an 80’s Man) (feat. Bimos)4:28
12.The Boston Top (feat. Mr. Dead & Newkirk)3:13
13.MVU, Act 30:34
14.And the Winner Is?3:24
15.Gangsta’s My Style2:19
16.The Night My Girlfriend Left Me (feat. MC Paul Barman)4:08
17.Live @ 52:28
18.MVU, Final Act1:20
19.Think or Die1:40