Jets'n'Guns mp3 Soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy

Jets'n'Gunsby Machinae Supremacy

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:03


1.Theme From Jets'n'Gunsby Machinae Supremacy2:51
2.Fanvacoolt (men om nånting)by Machinae Supremacy2:22
3.Koala in the Spider's Webby Machinae Supremacy2:03
4.Megascorcherby Machinae Supremacy1:59
5.Flight of the Toyotaby Machinae Supremacy2:02
6.teh evul p4in of Doomy Hellby Machinae Supremacy0:48
7.Erecta My Hamburger Babyby Machinae Supremacy1:52
8.Little Green Menby Machinae Supremacy2:02
9.Lava Trouble Bubbleby Machinae Supremacy2:26
10.Zogrim Ate My Hamsterby Machinae Supremacy1:09
11.Insectoidby Machinae Supremacy1:06
12.Archangles of Sidarothby Machinae Supremacy1:18
13.Hyperchaseby Machinae Supremacy2:32
14.Burghammer Hillby Machinae Supremacy2:28
15.Knee-deep in the Xoxxby Machinae Supremacy1:45
16.King of the Seaby Machinae Supremacy1:56
17.Futuremachineby Machinae Supremacy2:06
18.Lord Krutor's Dominionby Machinae Supremacy2:22
19.Spacepunxby Machinae Supremacy2:37
20.Dududub Dududumby Machinae Supremacy0:58
21.Escaping the Krutby Machinae Supremacy2:06
22.Death From Aboveby Machinae Supremacy2:41
23.Flames of Fireby Machinae Supremacy2:14
24.Judgement Frayby Machinae Supremacy2:13
25.Machinaegunsby Machinae Supremacy2:29
26.r0x0rd teh x0xxor (Level Cleared)by Machinae Supremacy0:51
27.Shop Musicby Machinae Supremacy3:20
28.Endgameby Machinae Supremacy1:58
29.Game Overby Machinae Supremacy0:29