John Digweed: Live in Argentina by Various Artists

John Digweed: Live in Argentina

by Various Artists

  • 53 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:58:22


Disk #1

1.Painkiller (Michael Mayer mix)by Terranova8:15
2.Don't Stop the Beat (Tiefschwarz remix)by Mama5:33
3.I Stayby Jacob Phono & Jens Bond4:45
4.Lick Your Brainsby Jacob Phono & Jens Bond6:11
5.Brought to Bare (Deetron remix) (feat. Jonatan Bäckelie)by Jimpster5:27
6.Lie to Meby Fairmont5:28
7.Arosis (Sebo remix) (and Manuel Moreno)by Mario Aureo5:12
8.Please Don't Goby Dubb Disko5:38
9.Set Her Free (Martin Buttrich remix)by Vinayak A8:00
10.Cosmic Theater (Pete Herbert remix)by SuSoul5:20
11.No Doubt (Lopazz remix)by Leave4:50
12.The Race (feat. Mousse T.)by Paul C & Paolo Martini3:39
13.Les Dilettantes (Roosevelt mix)by Coma7:31

Disk #2

1.Stick Together (Phil Kieran remix)by Le Carousel6:24
2.To Disappear (Ripperton remix)by Our Loving Sun7:12
3.Red Swanby Paul C & Paolo Martini4:15
4.Sunseeker (and Mousse T.)by Martin Buttrich5:31
5.Come Save Me (The Pachanga Boys' Jagwar Pawar version)by Jagwar Ma9:02
6.Dancerby H.O.S.H.5:18
7.Sofaby Traumer8:55
8.Bcn Motion (and Davide Squillace)by Martin Buttrich3:14
9.Redemption (and Sergio Parrado)by Oscar Barila4:11
10.Rhythm (instrumental mix) (feat. Ben Westbeech)by Deetron3:02
11.Rhythm (feat. Ben Westbeech)by Deetron6:45
12.The Rift Valley (Lee van Dowski Binary Re-Up mix)by Rebelski3:35

Disk #3

1.Got Me Somethinby Dan Curtin5:52
2.Lambo PMby Funk D'Void3:37
3.Sightsby Dia6:54
4.Control Roomby Marst6:08
5.Pump Power (Marino Canal remix)by The Japanese Popstars3:38
6.When the Wild Horseby Nick Curly4:05
7.Let's Go Dancing (vs. Audion)by Tiga7:22
8.The Messenger (Ian O'Donovan remix)by Satoshi Fumi3:51
9.Out of Nowhere (TJP remix)by The Japanese Popstars7:56
10.Eterna (John Digweed & Nick Muir remix)by Slam6:17
11.Why So Serious? (Uner remix)by Daniel Dexter5:15
12.Dawnbreaker (vs. Ian O'Donovan)by John Digweed & Nick Muir5:06
13.Infinity Road (vs. Carlo Lio)by John Digweed & Nick Muir5:35
14.Tangram (The Bright End)by Alex Niggemann6:19

Disk #4

1.You Know (and Ida Engberg)by Adam Beyer6:08
2.Character Beatsby Deetron5:05
3.Indigoby Breccia5:12
4.Katatonisch (Butch remix)by Amir4:50
5.Fibre (Phil Kieran remix)by Sebastian Markiewicz4:23
6.Issuesby Aidan Lavelle4:51
7.Directionby Aidan Lavelle8:23
8.Mon Toy (Gregor Tresher remix)by Nuno Dos Santos6:02
9.Prism (vs. Jamie Stevens)by John Digweed & Nick Muir4:00
10.Roach Hotelby Pele & Shawnecy7:07
11.Fuck Jack (and Harvey McKay)by Carlo Lio4:04
12.Disco Diva (Uto Karem remix)by The Advent5:35
13.Kempai (Jon Rundell remix)by Arjun Vagale3:33
14.Push Itby Harvey McKay8:01