Joint Venture mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Joint Ventureby Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:43


1.I'm Hungryby Kottonmouth Kings3:34
2.Why Oh Whyby Kottonmouth Kings3:43
3.SRHby Kottonmouth Kings3:57
4.Radio Headby Kottonmouth Kings4:41
5.In God We Trust (feat. Rude Boy)by Kottonmouth Kings4:35
6.Better Dazeby Kottonmouth Kings2:59
7.Put It Down (Vaporized remix) (feat. Cypress Hill)by Kottonmouth Kings4:39
8.It's Still a Dog's Life (feat. Rude Boy)by Kottonmouth Kings3:34
9.Kingspade (interlude)by Kingspade0:54
10.We Backby Kingspade3:49
11.The Gameby Kingspade3:40
12.Daddy X (interlude)by Daddy X0:25
13.Power, Greed, Lies & Money (feat. Judge D)by Daddy X3:14
14.U Are Everythingby Daddy X3:45
15.Flip the Script (remix) (interlude)by Kottonmouth Kings0:26
16.Bottoms Up (Last Call remix)by Kottonmouth Kings3:40
17.Bad Habits (Rehab remix)by Kottonmouth Kings4:10
18.Fuck the Industry 2 (Let 'em Know remix) (feat. Tech N9ne)by Kottonmouth Kings3:39
19.Fire It Up (Smoked Out remix)by Kottonmouth Kings4:10
20.RIP the Night Away (Sunrise reprise remix)by Kottonmouth Kings3:41
21.DJ Bobby B Presents 'One Session' (interlude)by Kottonmouth Kings0:30
22.Get Cashby One Session4:04
23.Live Today (Revival remix)by Kottonmouth Kings3:54