Jordan Suckley presents: Damaged Neon mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Jordan Suckley presents: Damaged Neonby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:13:32


1.Contaminated (Argy Remix)by Jordan Suckley5:49
2.Unknown (Radio Edit)by Sam Jones3:23
3.Clockworkby Maarten de Jong6:16
4.Blood Drunk (Radio Edit)by Project 83:50
5.Vortex (and Kriess Guyte)by Orla Feeney7:42
6.Ritualby Jordan Suckley7:18
7.Soothsayerby XGenic6:57
8.Weapon (Radio Edit)by Will Rees3:46
9.Traffic (Richard Durand Remix)by Tiësto6:40
10.Without You (Dan Stone Remix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Allen & Envy3:53
11.Promises (with Cari)by Allen & Envy6:35
12.lmmortal (feat. Robin Vane)by Allen & Envy5:49
13.Xanthe (Allen & Envy & Mark W Rework)by Graeme Harrison6:59
14.Lifecycle (Amir Hussain Remix)by Forerunners6:47
15.Vega (Cold Rush Remix) (and Allen Watts)by Allen & Envy6:31
16.Set Me Free (Mike Sanders Remix) (feat. lrina Makosh)by UDM7:03
17.Trinity (Radio Edit) (and Allen Watts)by Chris Metcalfe3:42
18.Backyardby Miroslav Vrlik5:57
19.lgnite (F.G. Noise Remix) (and UDM)by Allen & Envy6:45
20.Damaged Neon (mixed by Jordan Suckley vs. Allen & Envy)by Various Artists1:17:56
21.Wastelandby Freedom Fighters8:56
22.A Real Good Time (and Burn in Noise)by Loud8:45
23.Spiral (and Lifeforms)by Freedom Fighters8:30
24.The Calling (and Ace Ventura)by Vini Vici7:25
25.Deep Jungle Walkby Astrix9:16
26.Awake the Snake (and Tristen)by Astrix8:23
27.Mother Funker (Outsiders Remix) (and Wrecked Machines)by Pixel7:31
28.The Tube (Radio Edit) (and Amara)by Revolution 93:41
29.Angels Of Destruction (Neelix Whatz Up Remix)by Phaxe7:53
30.Aztec Curse (Eddie Bitar Remix)by Jordan Suckley5:57
31.Zulu Magic (and Christopher Lawrence)by Indecent Noise7:25
32.Revolution (Future Frequency Remix)by Liquid Soul8:00
33.Scolopendra (Radio Edit) (and Amara)by Revolution 93:39
34.Be Right (and Liquid Soul)by Ritmo7:17
35.Banshee (Lostly Radio Edit)by Christopher Lawrence3:33
36.Damaged Neon (mixed by Jordan Suckley vs. Freedom Fighters)by Various Artists1:17:43