Learn to Talk / The Country of Blinds (Re-Issue) mp3 Artist Compilation by Skeleton Crew

Learn to Talk / The Country of Blinds (Re-Issue)by Skeleton Crew

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:49:16


Disk #1

1.Que Viva/Onwards And Upwards7:37
2.The Way Things Fall (Back Apart)2:33
3.Not My Shoes2:16
4.The Washington Post1:31
5.We're Still Free4:09
7.Los Colitos/ Life At The Top4:35
8.Learn To Talk3:52
9.Factory Song4:49
10.It's Fine4:16
11.Zach's Flag3:01
12.Sick As A Parrot2:58
13.Automatic Pilot1:27
15.Killing Time2:26

Disk #2

1.The Country Of Blinds4:12
2.The Border3:31
3.The Hand That Bites5:35
4.Dead Sheep3:23
6.Man Or Monkey2:32
7.Foot In Hole3:09
8.Hot Field2:37
9.The Birds Of Japan4:04
10.You May Find A Bed6:16
11.Sparrow Song1:29
12.Safety In Numbers3:18
13.Howdywhoola Too2:47
14.Second Rate5:32
15.New Orleans Stomp3:14
16.Hasta La Victoria3:24