Legends Of Country Blues mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Legends Of Country Bluesby Various Artists

  • 104 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:28:39


Disk #1

1.Devil Got My Womanby Skip James2:59
2.Cypress Grove Bluesby Skip James3:10
3.Cherry Hall Bluesby Skip James2:48
4.Illinois Bluesby Skip James3:02
5.Four O'Clock Bluesby Skip James2:49
6.Hard Luck Childby Skip James3:02
7.Hard Time Killin' Floor Bluesby Skip James2:48
8.Yola My Blues Awayby Skip James3:10
9.Jesus Is a Mighty Good Leaderby Skip James2:59
10.Be Ready When He Comesby Skip James2:53
11.Drunken Spreeby Skip James2:37
12.I'm So Gladby Skip James2:49
13.Special Rider Bluesby Skip James3:01
14.How Long Buckby Skip James2:52
15.Little Cow and Calf Is Gonna Die Bluesby Skip James2:52
16.What Am I to Do Bluesby Skip James3:01
17.22-20 Bluesby Skip James2:49
18.If You Haven't Any Hay, Get Down on the Roadby Skip James2:52
19.Walkin' Bluesby Son House2:55
20.My Black Mama, Part 1by Son House3:06
21.My Black Mama, Part 2by Son House3:13
22.Preachin' the Blues, Part 1by Son House3:03
23.Preachin' the Blues, Part 2by Son House2:51
24.Dry Spell Blues, Part 1by Son House3:10
25.Dry Spell Blues, Part 2by Son House3:17

Disk #2

1.Levee Camp Bluesby Son House3:44
2.Government Fleet Bluesby Son House6:49
3.Walking Bluesby Son House6:39
4.Shetland Pony Bluesby Son House3:27
5.Fo' Clock Bluesby Son House3:47
6.Camp Hollersby Son House2:27
7.Delta Bluesby Son House5:18
8.Special Rider Bluesby Son House0:41
9.Special Rider Bluesby Son House3:05
10.Low Down Dirty Dog Bluesby Son House4:55
11.Depot Bluesby Son House2:54
12.The Key of Minorby Son House1:32
13.American Defenseby Son House2:54
14.Am I Right or Wrongby Son House1:47
15.Walking Bluesby Son House2:57
16.County Farm Bluesby Son House2:10
17.The Pony Bluesby Son House4:12
18.The Jinx Blues, Part 1by Son House3:25
19.The Jinx Blues, Part 2by Son House4:24

Disk #3

1.The New Frisco Trainby Bukka White3:01
2.The Panama Limitedby Bukka White3:10
3.I Am in the Heavenly Wayby Bukka White3:04
4.Promise True and Grandby Bukka White3:04
5.Pine Bluff, Arkansasby Bukka White2:51
6.Shake 'em on Downby Bukka White3:01
7.Sic 'em Dogs Onby Bukka White2:21
8.Po' Boyby Bukka White2:49
9.Black Trainby Bukka White2:58
10.Strange Place Bluesby Bukka White2:52
11.When Can I Change My Clothesby Bukka White3:00
12.Sleepy Man Bluesby Bukka White2:52
13.Parchman Farm Bluesby Bukka White2:39
14.Good Gin Bluesby Bukka White2:23
15.High Fever Bluesby Bukka White2:52
16.District Attorney Bluesby Bukka White2:41
17.Fixin' to Die Bluesby Bukka White2:50
18.Aberdeen, Mississippi Bluesby Bukka White2:36
19.Bukka's Jitterbug Bluesby Bukka White2:39
20.Special Streamlineby Bukka White2:54

Disk #4

1.Cool Drink of Water Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:25
2.Big Road Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:10
3.Bye Bye Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:02
4.Maggie Campbell Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:27
5.Canned Heat Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:37
6.Lonesome Home Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:20
7.Lonesome Home Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:15
8.Big Fat Mama Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:12
9.I Wonder to Myselfby Tommy Johnson3:04
10.Slidin' Deltaby Tommy Johnson3:03
11.Lonesome Home Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:09
12.Untitled (Morning Prayer Blues)by Tommy Johnson3:18
13.Untitled (Boogaloosa Woman)by Tommy Johnson3:10
14.Black Mare Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:29
15.Black Mare Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:17
16.Ridin' Horseby Tommy Johnson3:23
17.Alcohol and Jake Bluesby Tommy Johnson3:21

Disk #5

1.Stranger Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:30
2.Saturday Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:27
3.Left Alone Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:28
4.Leavin' Town Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:26
5.Leavin' Town Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:26
6.Brown Mama Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:32
7.Brown Mama Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:05
8.Trouble Hearted Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:31
9.Trouble Hearted Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:22
10.The Four Day Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:19
11.The Four Day Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:16
12.Jake Liquor Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:28
13.Family Starvingby Ishman Bracey3:12
14.Mobile Stompby Ishman Bracey3:10
15.Farish Street Ragby Ishman Bracey2:55
16.Woman, Woman Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:27
17.Suitcase Full of Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:02
18.Bust Up Bluesby Ishman Bracey2:52
19.Pay Me No Mindby Ishman Bracey3:12
20.Heavy Suitcase Bluesby Ishman Bracey3:08
21.Louisiana Boundby Ishman Bracey3:08
22.Too Damp to Be Wetby Ishman Bracey3:04
23.Where My Shoes At?by Ishman Bracey3:05