Legends Of Monta: Part I mp3 Album by Odd Logic

Legends Of Monta: Part Iby Odd Logic

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:14:51


1.An Old Book Opens1:03
2.A Walk For Destiny1:00
3.Beacon Of Hope5:58
4.Darkness Of Dreams4:12
5.The Sabin Dance0:48
6.Man From Nowhere5:34
7.Master Planet1:20
8.Piree's Report2:39
9.The Governor's Death3:24
10.Nova's Escape7:26
11.The Sword Gavel Calls1:04
12.The Great Council6:25
13.Fate In Motion4:23
15.Chaos Simmer0:25
16.Bright Light3:42
17.Kiss Of The Shadow4:17
18.Whispers From Dark Corners1:33
19.Weeping In Secret2:05
20.The Sound Of Evil1:59
21.Monta Strike5:16
22.The Aftermath Of Doom2:54
23.The Chosen Walk4:40
24.An Old Book Closes1:02