Let It Be: The Last Sessions mp3 Album by The Beatles

Let It Be: The Last Sessionsby The Beatles

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:39:11


Disk #1

1.Get Back (Inc I've Got A Feeling - Help!)2:49
2.Teddy Boy5:52
3.Two Of Us3:50
4.Dig A Pony4:03
5.I've Got A Feeling2:57
6.The Long And Winding Road3:38
7.Let It Be3:58
8.Don't Let Me Down4:31
9.For You Blue2:59
10.Get Back2:53
11.The Walk0:57
12.Let It Be (1968 Demo)1:16
13.She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Anthology Mix)3:36
14.Dig A Pony (Anthology Mix)4:18
15.Post Chat0:11
16.Two Of Us (Anthology Mix)3:23
17.Maggie Mae (John Barrett Mix)0:42
18.Can You Dig It - Hark The Angels Come (Chat)0:12
19.For You Blue (Anthology Mix)2:17
20.Let It Be (Anthology Mix)4:02
21.Isn't It A Pity (Demo)2:58
22.Dig It (Extended Uncut Version)7:36
23.Rip It Up - Shake Rattle And Roll (John Barrett Mix)2:05
24.Kansas City - Miss Ann - Lawdy Miss Clawdy (John Barrett Mix)3:52
25.Vlue Suede Shoes (John Barrett Mix)2:15
26.You Really Got A Hold On Me (Moie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)2:31

Disk #2

1.Oh! Darling (Anthology Mix)4:05
2.Teddy Boy (Anthology Mix)1:15
3.Cannonball - Not Fade Away - Hey Little Girl - Bo Diddley (John Barrett Mix)3:48
4.Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (John Barrett Mix)1:28
5.Get Back (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:14
6.Don't Let Me Down (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:17
7.I've Got A Feeling (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:33
8.One After 909 - Danny Boy (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:01
9.Dig A Pony (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)4:02
10.Get Back (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:13
11.Get Back (Reprise) (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)0:44
12.Two Of Us (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:39
13.The Long And Winding Road (Movie Soundtrack Stereo Mix)3:32
14.Let It Be (Take 27 - Original Mix)4:05
15.Let It Be (Take 27+24 - Anthology Mix)3:59
16.Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Sessions Remix)1:49
17.I Me Mine (Anthology Mix)1:45
18.I Me Mine (John Barrett Mix)1:47
19.Let It Be (Orchestra Overdub - Backing Tracks)3:51
20.Across The Universe (Orchestra Overdub - Backing Tracks)3:05
21.I Me Mine (Orchestra Overdub - Backing Tracks)2:23
22.The Long And Winding Road (Orchestra Overdub - Backing Tracks)3:31
23.Across The Universe (Alternate 2 Versions Remix)3:49
24.Let It Be (Original Acetate)3:50
25.The Long And Winding Road (Original Acetate)3:36
26.Get Back (Capitol Stereo Remix)3:09