Life in Cartoon Motion mp3 Album by Mika

Life in Cartoon Motionby Mika

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:21


1.Grace Kelly3:08
3.My Interpretation3:35
4.Love Today3:55
5.Relax (Take It Easy)4:30
6.Any Other World4:19
7.Billy Brown3:14
8.Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)4:08
9.Stuck In The Middle4:09
10.Happy Ending10:20

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This album is awesome! All the music on her is very happy and cheerful. You can listen to this album over and over again and you won't get tired. You may want to get the whole album because every song in it is great! This is definitely my favorite album from MIKA.
This pop album is very upbeat, and fun.When i listen to this album it instantly cheers me up. MIKA is very silly and so is his music. its very easy to dance to. it just makes you happy.