Life Is A Dance: The Remix Project mp3 Remix by Chaka Khan

Life Is A Dance: The Remix Projectby Chaka Khan

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:54


1.Life Is a Dance (David Morales remix)6:26
2.I Know You, I Live You (Tony Humphries remix)7:47
3.This Is My Night (Marley Marl remix)5:07
4.Eye to Eye (Paul Simpson remix)8:27
5.Slow Dancin' (Eric Sadler & Hank Shocklee remix)5:39
6.Fate (David Shaw & Winston Jones remix)5:31
7.I'm Every Woman (remix version by Dancin' Danny D)8:23
8.One Million Kisses (David Shaw & Winston Jones remix)5:54
9.Ain't Nobody (LP remix version by Frankie Knuckles)4:24
10.Clouds (C+C remix)7:38
11.I Feel for You (Paul Simpson remix)8:38
Chaka Khan is such an iconic R&B singer, that some of her songs have been covered by other singers. These songs on this album are different mixes than what I'm used to, but they are very well done. Her most noted songs, "I Feel For You","I'm Every Woman", and my personal fave "Ain't Nobody (Love Me Better) is on this album.

Originally, "I Feel For You" was done by Prince, but I prefer Chaka Khan's cover. She's also known for her association to the group Rufus. Her voice is great and it's no wonder she id a grammy winner.