Light In The Sky mp3 Album by Red Molly

Light In The Skyby Red Molly

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:00


1.Dear Someone2:01
2.Walk Beside Me3:09
3.Come on in My Kitchen3:24
4.Do I Ever Cross Your Mind3:21
5.Oh My Michael3:08
6.Does My Ring Burn Your Finger3:09
8.Hold It All3:03
9.Hello Goodbye3:08
10.Your Long Journey3:33
11.By the Mark2:57
12.It's Too Late to Call It a Night3:12
13.Why Should I Cry3:20
Greg Riley-Smith
I stumbled on 'Red Molly' by chance and I am really pleased that I did. The music is accessible, melodic and it has a haunting quality that has less to do with the superb musicianship and more to do with the quality of the harmonies. The three artists who comprise Red Molly did, and do, continue to perform in their own right and it was only after a late night jamming session that they realised that there voices blended in a way that made more than a sum of the parts. The group may be New York based but their musical roots are bluegrass. The emotional scope of the album is considerable; the listener is taken from the achingly painful 'Your Long Journey' which has truly heart wrenching lyrical content but, more importantly, utterly poignant phrasing to the humorous and upbeat 'Does my ring burn your finger.' Overall, this is a refreshing and unexpected offering. Don't stumble on it as I did- buy it.