Light Tension & Anticipation 2 by 1 Revolution Music

Light Tension & Anticipation 2

by 1 Revolution Music

  • 82 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:46:21


1.You In Or Out Full1:21
2.You In Or Out Drm Bs1:21
3.You In Or Out No Hrp1:21
4.You In Or Out Lite1:21
5.You In Or Out No Str1:21
6.Ultimatums Full1:25
7.Ultimatums No Hrp1:25
8.Ultimatums No Pads1:25
9.Ultimatums No Prc1:25
10.Ultimatums No Pno1:25
11.Ultimatums No Str1:25
12.Ultimatums No Str No Pads1:25
13.Ultimatums Prc Bs1:25
14.Hidden Gate Full1:26
15.Hidden Gate No Drone1:26
16.Hidden Gate No Gtr1:26
17.Hidden Gate No Prc1:26
18.Hidden Gate No Pno1:26
19.Hidden Gate No Str1:26
20.Secret Box Full1:00
21.Secret Box No Prc1:00
22.Secret Box No Pads1:00
23.Secret Box Prc Only1:00
24.Checkered Past Full1:00
25.Victims Trail Full1:45
26.Victims Trail Lite1:11
27.Rue The Day Full1:31
28.Rue The Day No Gtr1:31
29.Rue The Day No Keys1:31
30.Rue The Day No Str1:31
31.Rue The Day No Pads1:31
32.Rue The Day No Prc No Drm1:31
33.Rue The Day Prc Drm1:31
34.Idle Hands Full0:59
35.Idle Hands Lite0:59
36.Idle Hands No Bs0:59
37.Idle Hands No Prc0:59
38.Idle Hands Prc Only0:59
39.Anxious Moments Full1:01
40.Anxious Moments No Chr1:01
41.Anxious Moments No Harp1:01
42.Anxious Moments No Keys1:01
43.Anxious Moments No Lps1:01
44.Anxious Moments No Prc1:01
45.Anxious Moments No Str1:01
46.Anxious Moments Prc Lps1:01
47.Shadow Figure Full1:20
48.Shadow Figure Lite1:20
49.Shadow Figure No Keys1:20
50.Shadow Figure No Pads1:20
51.Shadow Figure No Drm1:20
52.Shadow Figure No Plucked1:20
53.Shadow Figure Drm Only1:20
54.Watcha Gonna Do Full1:47
55.Watcha Gonna Do Lite1:47
56.Watcha Gonna Do No Lps1:47
57.Watcha Gonna Do No Pno1:47
58.Door Number 3 Full1:17
59.Door Number 3 No Keys1:18
60.Door Number 3 No Lps1:18
61.Door Number 3 No Pads1:18
62.Door Number 3 No Prc1:18
63.Door Number 3 No Str1:18
64.Door Number 3 Prc Bs1:18
65.Contempt Full1:29
66.Contempt Lite1:29
67.Contempt No Mallets1:29
68.Contempt No Pads1:29
69.Contempt No Prc1:29
70.Contempt No Str1:29
71.Contempt Prc Only1:29
72.Strained Full1:10
73.Strained Lite1:10
74.Strained No Prc No Bs1:10
75.Strained No Str1:10
76.Strained Prc Bs1:10
77.Moment Of Truth Full1:03
78.Moment Of Truth Lite1:03
79.Moment Of Truth No Bs1:03
80.Moment Of Truth No Keys1:03
81.Moment Of Truth No Prc1:03
82.Moment Of Truth No Str1:03