Limping For A Generation (Remastered) mp3 Album by The Blow Monkeys

Limping For A Generation (Remastered)by The Blow Monkeys

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:02


Disk #1

1.He's Shedding Skin4:04
3.Atomic Lullaby5:01
4.Fat Cat Belusha4:16
5.Go Public4:32
6.Professor Supercool4:01
7.The Man From Russia3:16
8.Limping for a Generation3:34
9.Waiting for Mr. Moonlight4:24
10.Trashtown Incident4:12
12.My Twisty Jewel3:41
13.Kill the Pig5:25
15.Resurrection Love3:17
16.Atomic Lullaby (12" version)5:02
17.Kill the Pig (Pig mix)5:24

Disk #2

1.Soul Boys in Slumber (demo)3:45
2.He's Shedding Skin (demo)4:05
3.Wildflower (demo)3:45
4.Fat Cat Belusha (demo)4:30
5.Go Public (demo)5:23
6.Limping for a Generation (demo)3:04
7.The Man From Russia (demo)3:32
8.Waiting for Mr. Moonlight (demo)4:27
9.Trashtown Incident (demo)4:08
10.Resurrection Love (demo)3:18
11.Rub-A-Dub-Shanka (demo)4:18
12.Slither (demo)4:33
13.Atomic Lullaby (demo)4:04
14.Waiting for Mr Moonlight (live)4:32
15.Trashtown Incident (live)4:32
16.It's Not Unusual (live)3:10