Little Bitty Pretty One mp3 Album by Thurston Harris

Little Bitty Pretty Oneby Thurston Harris

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 29:07


1.Little Bitty Pretty One2:20
2.Do What You Did2:00
3.Be Baba Leba2:16
4.I'm Out To Getcha1:53
5.I Got Loaded1:51
6.Over & Over2:15
7.You're Gonna Need Me2:04
8.Purple Stew2:17
9.I Hope You Won't Hold It2:09
10.In The Bottom Of My Heart1:56
11.Hey Little Girl1:46
12.My Love Will Last1:48
13.Runk Bunk2:12
14.1 Scotch,1 Bourbon,1 Beer2:20