Live From the Astroturf mp3 Live by Alice Cooper

Live From the Astroturfby Alice Cooper

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 38:57


1.The Eighth Wonder of the World… (intro)1:00
2.Caught in a Dream3:19
3.Be My Lover3:31
4.Whatever He’s Doing It’s Illegal (banter)0:28
5.I’m Eighteen3:34
6.We Haven’t Done This One in About, What, 40 Years? (banter)0:26
7.Is It My Body2:40
8.Threatened for a Month (banter)0:40
9.No More Mr. Nice Guy3:09
10.I Guess Things Are Getting Better for You (banter)0:53
11.Under My Wheels3:01
12.It’s a Dangerous Place to Be (banter)1:16
13.School’s Out3:20
14.More Fun Than It’s Supposed to Be (banter)3:18
16.School’s Not Over Until You Vote (outro)0:54
17.Desperado (instrumental)3:28