Live Your Life (Live In Denmark 2017) mp3 Live by Michael Kratz

Live Your Life (Live In Denmark 2017)by Michael Kratz

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:21:17


Disk #1

1.Cross That Line (Live Version)5:31
2.Holding on Again (Anni) (Live Version)4:36
3.Live Your Life (Live Version)4:45
4.Don't You Know (Live Version)3:20
5.Until We're Together (Live Version)4:24
6.Need You to Be Mine (Live Version)3:38
7.Bye Bye (Live Version)4:11
8.Like Father, Like Son (Live Version)3:51
9.Lying (Live Version)4:15
10.Sleeping Mama (Live Version)4:52

Disk #2

1.I Don't Know How (Live Version)4:09
2.This Town is Lost Without You (Live Version)4:34
3.What Did I..? (Live Version)4:51
4.Never Take Us Alive (Live Version)3:54
5.Evil Rumours (Live Version)4:35
6.You and I Are Meant to Be (Live Version)4:39
7.Lonely Soldier (Live Version)3:59
8.We All Live in This Nation (Live Version)5:13
9.Hypnotized (Live Version)4:18

Disk #3

1.Cross That Line5:22
2.I Don't Know How4:00
3.Need You to Be Mine3:21
4.Sleeping Mama4:45
5.Don't You Know3:14
6.Until We're Together4:42
7.Holding on Again (Anni)4:13
8.Lonely Soldier3:56
10.You And I Are Meant to Be4:13
11.Like Father, Like Son3:51
12.Evil Rumours (Bonus Track)4:14
13.Dragging Me Outside (Bonus Track)4:20
14.If This is Christmas (Bonus Track)3:42