Long Live The King mp3 Album by Narnia
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:59


1.Gates Of Cair Paravel1:26
2.Living Water3:54
3.Shelter Through The Pain5:01
4.The Mission4:30
5.What You Give Is What You Get4:35
6.The Lost Son4:06
7.Long Live The King4:58
8.Dangerous Game5:12
9.Star Over Bethlehem6:47
The composer
For all the baby boomer's that are out there that grew up with the heavy medal groups you will enjoy the sound of metal to those that have take Christian life style. But you have not given up on the licks and riffs of the distortion leads it is all here. GOD like Rock and Roll and the albums rock that you can actually here the words and the meaning is deep and it penetrates your spirit and sole like not to many metal bands. The message behind the licks will not only be food for good metal but food for the spirit man. The nice thing is that that singers really do have a voice to sing and it isn't the raspy voice that can scream out of a can in the local garage dump. This has the sound and the beat that all of that have turn 50 and love Jesus you will find it in the alum as a place in your library to play on ipod ipad or tablet what type of MP3 player that you still like the music to blow you away "this is it" and I am not taking about Michael Jackson