Looking for Europe: The Neofolk Compendium mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Looking for Europe: The Neofolk Compendiumby Various Artists

  • 53 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:24:35


Disk #1

1.The Angels of Ashesby Scott Walker4:20
2.The Hangman and the Papistby Strawbs3:25
3.Fire of Lifeby Changes3:54
4.The Rideby Blood Axis5:45
5.Willow's Songby Magnet4:44
6.Wind That Cracks the Leavesby In Gowan Ring6:19
7.Thee Little Black Boy (feat. Genesis P-Orridge)by Thee Majesty5:32
8.Voices (feat. Peter Hook)by Royal Family and the Poor4:11
9.Wyndham Hillby Paul Roland4:06
10.Runes and Menby Death in June3:03
11.Playing With the Fireby Ordo Equitum Solis3:49
12.The End of Dayby Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata4:09
13.Love's Promiseby Sieben6:23
14.Ride, Rune, Rideby Mother Destruction5:07

Disk #2

1.You Forgot to Answerby Nico4:00
2.Henbaneby Agnivolok7:52
3.Nomadic Manby Sorrow4:46
4.Looking for Europeby Sol Invictus4:16
5.Stolze Herzenby Ernte3:44
6.Trotz Alledemby Hekate2:11
7.Stilleby Orplid3:58
8.Der graue Königby Forseti4:45
9.Der Falken Flugby Darkwood3:03
10.The Miscarriage of Paradise Regainedby Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio4:17
11.Erinnerung (live)by Kirlian Camera8:32
12.Desire (You Know I'm Gonna Leave You Soon)by Leakh3:42
13.Predictions of Fireby Laibach12:59

Disk #3

1.Have You News of My Boy Jack?by Andrew King4:35
2.Arddyledog Ganuby Test Dept.5:37
3.Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianaby Camerata Mediolanense2:53
4.Lucente Animaby Argine2:51
5.Filava Melisby Ataraxia4:29
6.Hel: The Goddess of the Underworldby Hagalaz' Runedance3:52
7.Ornament (feat. Lady Morphia)by Werkraum4:32
8.The Blank Runeby Sonne Hagal5:50
9.My Devotion Will Never Fadeby :Of the Wand & the Moon:4:11
10.[untitled]by Der Blutharsch3:27
11.(Black) Sabbathby Gaë Bolg3:55
12.Rèsurgenceby Regard Extrême4:39
13.Passionby Scivias5:23
14.Uljanov (live)by Ain Soph3:58
15.Total War (live)by Boyd Rice and Friends5:42

Disk #4

1.Dragons in the Sunsetby Fire + Ice3:59
2.Horizonby Lux Interna6:23
3.Weilaweiby Romowe Rikoito5:28
4.Transsylvaniaby Ostara5:26
5.Tanz die Orangeby Allerseelen6:11
6.Wolfstundby Waldteufel6:00
7.Kieloby Tenhi12:17
8.Die Schwäne im Schilfby Empyrium5:50
9.Valgby Neun Welten5:51
10.Angel of Babylonby Dies Natalis3:32
11.The Stark Burns Outby Shining Vril4:52