Lost and Found mp3 Album by DJ Smokey

Lost and Foundby DJ Smokey

  • 43 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:24:11


2.Untitled #11:21
3.Kickin in Ya Door1:10
4.Glock in My Drawers2:45
5.Cloud of Smoke2:24
6.Mexican Connect2:49
7.Trillwave Pt 21:19
8.Gimme Sum0:35
9.Swishas and Malt Liquor0:59
10.What Yo Hood Like1:39
11.Get Buck0:47
13.Da Bitches3:30
14.Im Breaded2:10
15.All I Drink Is Lean1:43
16.Pills Weed Pussy2:57
17.Praying to the Trap God3:50
18.Lean and Loud3:12
19.Smoke Sum Dank3:33
20.All I Do Is Smoke Trees3:01
21.Freak Out2:41
23.Hit Em1:29
24.Super Mario Star World0:49
25.Shroom Aliens Interlude1:00
26.Shroom Aliens Return2:01
27.If I Must1:59
28.Rip Yams2:14
29.Yea Hoe1:52
30.Up All Night2:40
31.Glock at Ya Dome0:44
32.While Im Chiefin Hay0:52
33.Walk Up to Ya House1:04
34.Tone 2 Ya Dome1:14
35.Take Yo Life1:14
36.Grills Are Gold1:26
37.Mustard Azz Niccaz1:36
38.Drank Hella Muddy Freestyle2:38
39.I Dont Give a Damn1:46
40.Damn Son Where'd You Find This1:39
41.In the Mail3:08
42.Playin Both Sides3:43
43.Untitled #21:45