Lounge Melodies, Volume 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Lounge Melodies, Volume 2by Various Artists

  • 86 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:48:09


1.Cap Martinet (2k19 Remastered)by Carlo Peralta4:39
2.Ocean Drive (Original Mix)by Bahia Lounge3:34
3.Rye & Dry (Original Mix)by Basics on Lounge5:34
4.Your Memory (Chillout Version)by Eddy Chrome3:54
5.Intuitionism (Original Mix)by Kodium6:40
6.Phoenix (Original Mix)by Dyodho8:24
7.Naeyohaa (Original Mix)by Dyodho7:12
8.The Missing (Original Mix)by Synesthesics3:33
9.Anybody (Original Mix)by Sandys Blank2:15
10.Really Gone (Original Mix)by Soulful-Cafe3:19
11.Clair Obscur (Original Mix)by Fascinating Case5:29
12.Strange Feeling (Original Mix)by Bahia Lounge4:03
13.Thunderstorm (Original Mix)by L.porsche4:16
14.Waterfall Tribe (Original Mix)by Dyodho6:45
15.Joviality (Original Mix)by Hic Et Nunc5:32
16.Deelusional (Original Mix)by Deebizness3:54
17.Undressed (Original Mix)by Vostok Divers5:47
18.Textures (Chillout Cut Version)by Karim Le Mec1:47
19.Voice Of Mother (Cut Version)by Devillas1:46
20.She Will Try (Cut Version)by Debris of Theia1:48
21.Seaside (Original Mix)by Tim Sky3:51
22.Walking In London (Radio Version)by Joybiza2:55
23.Follow Suit (Original Mix)by Kalokagathia Union5:41
24.Unstoppable Passion (Cut Version)by Devillas1:42
25.Colors Change (Original Mix) (feat. Y'ma Drop)by Ed Mud2:31
26.So Real (Original Mix)by Sandys Blank2:24
27.Sabrosa (Original Mix) (and Bento)by Jano De Rhodos5:37
28.Electro Negril (Original Mix)by The Biosnakes5:39
29.Xorn (2K19 Remastered)by Carlo Peralta3:33
30.Cala Carbo (2k19 Remastered)by Carlo Peralta3:38
31.Mystery Star (Original Mix)by KARjA3:36
32.Her Nearness (Original Mix)by Tomasz Pauszek3:30
33.Mind Mappin' (Freaks On A Plane Remix)by Mad Science7:00
34.Adonai (Original Mix)by DegreeZero3:12
35.Clitology (Tom La Mer Remix)by Thunder + Ford6:38
36.Sun Washed (Original Mix)by Dustin Lefholz4:13
37.One More Storm (Original Mix)by Devillas5:11
38.Steps Together (Original Mix)by Pindaric Spleen6:20
39.Sacred Eagle (Mood Version)by The Atmosphera3:32
40.Tangents (Original Mix)by Fobee4:07
41.White Beach (Chillout Remix)by Mykel Mars5:02
42.Cruising (Original Mix)by Mono Tuned6:49
43.Twin Star 515 (Ohrbeats - Supernova Version)by Asteroid 3854:10
44.Eau De Vie (Original Mix)by Blue Wave6:05
45.Solstice Lounge (Original Mix)by Dustin Lefholz3:45
46.Low Tide (Original Mix)by Dustin Lefholz3:34
47.One Time In Ibiza (Original Mix)by Ian Credible3:25
48.Gliding Through Space (Original Mix)by Alex Nothlich5:10
49.Simply Dip (Original Mix)by Luca Martini5:57
50.That Summer Night (Original Mix)by Inzah4:52
51.Touch The Sky (Original Mix) (feat. Angel Falls)by Fabbro4:48
52.Focusing (Original Mix)by Ambitio Mentis5:51
53.Rain Forest (Original Mix)by Blooma Root6:37
54.In My Heart (Original Mix)by Dreams Machine3:33
55.Old Dog (Original Mix)by Tesa Gig4:32
56.Yasmin's Wolrd (Flash Mix)by Projekt 1018:33
57.Index Mirror (Original Mix)by Zirkadian Sender6:08
58.Interchangeable (Original Mix)by Logophilia6:13
59.Beachside (Original Mix)by Brlyn6:21
60.Shaman Cave (Original Mix)by Makia Blue4:10
61.Labanotation (Original Mix)by Aktnuance5:51
62.I'll Not See You Again (Original Mix)by Collective Sound Members3:14
63.Innocent Dreams (Original Mix)by Crossing Colors5:40
64.Play The Piano (2019 Remix) (feat. Lara)by Bertram Geck2:36
65.So Fine (Original Mix)by Rheingold Ensemble5:53
66.Drops Of Sun (Original Mix)by Pikomos5:51
67.After Dinner (Original Mix)by Arnoon4:27
68.The Way Home (Original Mix)by Makia Blue4:38
69.Millennia (Original Mix)by Pindaric Spleen5:39
70.Tell Me (Lounge Mix)by Woogees5:12
71.Arctic City (Aural Imbalance Remix)by Glo Phase5:57
72.Eternity (Original Mix)by RelictKornet4:09
73.The Power Of Gratitude (Original Mix)by Sonnenburg5:49
74.Make It True (Ibiza Chillout Remode) (and David T Boy)by Kid Vibes4:24
75.Santiago De Chile (Ohrbeats - Supernova Version)by Asteroid 3853:15
76.Floating (Original Mix)by Loo.K.4:08
77.Asleep (Original Mix)by A Virgins Death5:28
78.Sound Of Soul (Original Mix) (feat. Angellisa)by Ted Peters2:54
79.My Sound (Original Mix)by Chico Timbero3:39
80.Little Sweet G (Extended Version)by Gianni De Santis8:06
81.Cancion Sol (Radio Mix)by Rob Hayes3:50
82.Love Takes Me Home (Original Mix)by Groovy People2:59
83.I Need You To Say (Extended Version)by Ted Peters & JaBig5:33
84.Just Hold (Extended Version)by Ted Peters & JaBig6:10
85.Soul Tree (Original Mix)by Bukalemun5:11
86.Be Good (Original Mix)by E.L.C.W.7:00