Love Of Lounge, Vol. 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Love Of Lounge, Vol. 1by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:10:40


1.Endlessly (Downtempo Instrumental Mix)by Gábor Deutsch4:52
2.Waves (Original Mix)by Ialaz4:20
3.Summer Dreams (Original Mix)by Stepo Del Sol3:26
4.Driftwood (Original Mix)by Northbound4:10
5.Cala Llonga (Original Mix)by Schwarz & Funk5:06
6.Doobie (Lunesis)by Miper3:07
7.Saludos Para Carlos (Original Mix)by Leon Ard3:56
8.I Am Enough (Original Mix) (and NikolaV)by Marga Sol4:44
9.Smooth Trumpation (Original Mix) (and Trumpetman)by Lenny Ibizarre3:48
10.On The Shore (Original Mix) (feat. Shed)by Golden Tone Radio4:13
11.Wellfare (Original Mix)by Allume3:48
12.Kalin Twins (Original Mix)by Mark Sia3:16
13.Eight (Original Mix)by Pnfa4:26
14.I Have A Dream (Original Mix)by Xemplify5:49
15.Outside Looking In (Original Mix) (and Michael Hall)by Lo Tide3:00
16.Acerado (Original Mix)by Taco-Town3:54
17.Baby (Original Mix)by Club on Blue3:07
18.Yakiimo (Original Mix)by Puch7:11
19.Strawberry Daiquiri (Barcelona Beach Edit)by Connor Evans5:21
20.Disagree (Original Mix)by Benatural4:22
21.Liquid Blue (Original Mix)by Mikke Janssen3:59
22.Cake Daddy (Original Mix)by Krystian Shek4:38
23.Smeraldo (Original Mix)by R.U.B4:29
24.I Need A Shower (Original Mix)by Outwave Project4:01
25.On The Edge Of Time (Original Mix) (feat. Karen Gibson Roc)by Lemongrass4:54
26.Because (Original Mix)by Stargazer4:12
27.Dream Passage (Original Mix)by Alkemx4:39
28.Drops (Original Mix)by Driller5:12
29.Have You Ever (Original Mix)by Lounge Groove Avenue3:49
30.Rain In My Heart (Pianochocolate Remix)by Jane Maximova4:51