Love to Make Music To mp3 Album by Daedelus

Love to Make Music Toby Daedelus

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:05


1.Fair Weather Friends3:06
2.Make It So (feat. Michael Johnson)3:55
3.Twist the Kids (feat. N'fa)4:00
4.Get off Your HiHats4:53
6.Touchtone (feat. Paperboy & Taz Arnold)3:30
7.Car(ry) Us3:31
8.I Took Two3:24
9.My Beau (feat. Paperboy & Erika Rose)3:08
10.You're the One (feat. Om'mas Keith)3:42
11.Assembly Lines3:34
12.Drummery Jam4:00
13.Only for the Heartstrings3:18
14.Bass in It (feat. Taz)3:16
15.If We Should (feat. Laura Darling)4:11