Lucy in the Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Jeff Russo

Lucy in the Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Jeff Russo

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:21:03


1.Main Titles - Why Are We Hereby Jeff Russo4:57
2.Cosmic Pickup (Theme 5)by Jeff Russo2:25
3.Running On The Trackby Jeff Russo0:45
4.Lucy's Percussionby Jeff Russo2:34
5.Suit Breach (NBL)by Jeff Russo4:02
6.We Can Go To My Placeby Jeff Russo1:35
7.The Wakeby Jeff Russo1:45
8.Feel The Feelingby Jeff Russo1:01
9.Changing Clothes (Alt)by Jeff Russo2:43
10.Inconsistent - Liftoffby Jeff Russo3:01
11.You're Gonna Loseby Jeff Russo1:12
12.Airport Arrivalby Jeff Russo0:44
13.Lucy Exits Carby Jeff Russo0:52
14.Feel It Allby Jeff Russo4:37
15.Lucy's Pressure (Theme 1 H&M Test)by Jeff Russo9:00
16.Beesby Jeff Russo1:09
17.Lucy's Theme (Theme 4)by Jeff Russo9:31
18.Lucy Floats (Theme 2 OP 174)by Jeff Russo6:39
19.End Credits Suiteby Jeff Russo4:32
20.Lucy In The Sky With Diamondsby Jeff Russo5:32
21.Insomnia II - Cocoonby Jeff Russo2:00
22.Following Markby Jeff Russo1:03
23.Lucy's Poemby Jeff Russo2:08
24.Back In Spaceby Jeff Russo1:48
25.Homecomingby Jeff Russo1:06
26.Butterflyby Jeff Russo0:35
27.Someone Elseby Jeff Russo0:57
28.Bees (Alt Version)by Jeff Russo2:50