Machine mp3 Album by Crack The Sky
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:40


3.Come Out6:09
4.Here It Comes Again6:32
5.Goodbye Mrs. Nature5:41
6.Join Up5:24
8.Go Johnny6:08
10.We're All Dead8:32
Kenneth Evans
Crack The Sky is going strong after releasing one of the best debut prog rock LP's in 1975, as listed in Rolling Stone Magazine. After releasing many great LP's after that debut, let's fast-forward to this 2010 release (35 years later) "Machine". Original founding singer/songwriter John Palumbo still creates some of the best catchy and witty rock songs in his career. This is what he's critically known for. Four of the five original members of Crack The Sky are back as part of the band and it's like they never left. Rick Witkowski (guitar), Joe Macre (bass) and Joey D'Amico (drums) are all present, accompanied by accomplished long standing bandmates Bobby Hird (guitar) and Glenn Workman (keyboards). The first single, "Hyphen-American", is the catchiestand accessible song they've done in many years. "Here It Comes Again" is another killer track, with a great rock groove and harmonies. "Go Johnny", "Join Up' and "We're All Dead" are standout tracks as well. So glad this band is still together and making rock music that's worthy, edgy and radio friendly. "Machine" is the best Crack The Sky CD to date since 1980's "White Music". A must for any rock music buyer! Buy it!!