Machine Head (50th Deluxe Anniversary Edition) mp3 Album by Deep Purple

Machine Head (50th Deluxe Anniversary Edition)by Deep Purple

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:58:08


Disk #1

1.Highway Star (2024 Remix)6:10
2.Maybe I'm a Leo (2024 Remix)4:51
3.Pictures of Home (2024 Remix)5:05
4.Never Before (2024 Remix)4:01
5.Smoke on the Water (2024 Remix)6:10
6.Lazy (2024 Remix)7:22
7.Space Truckin' (2024 Remix)4:33
8.When a Blind Man Cries (2024 Remix)3:32
9.Highway Star (2024 Remaster)6:07
10.Maybe I'm a Leo (2024 Remaster)4:52
11.Pictures of Home (2024 Remaster)5:06
12.Never Before (2024 Remaster)4:00
13.Smoke on the Water (2024 Remaster)5:40
14.Lazy (2024 Remaster)7:23
15.Space Truckin' (2024 Remaster)4:32

Disk #2

1.Introduction (Live 1972)0:15
2.Highway Star (Live 1972)7:42
3.Strange Kind of Woman (Live 1972)9:33
4.Maybe I'm a Leo (Live 1972)5:36
5.Smoke on the Water (Live 1972)7:32
6.Never Before (Live 1972)5:18
7.Lazy (Live 1972)9:22
8.Space Truckin' (Live 1972)22:11
9.Lucille (Live 1972)7:34
10.Maybe I'm a Leo (Soundcheck) [Live 1972]4:32

Disk #3

1.Swiss Yodel1:14
2.Speed King9:00
3.Strange Kind of Woman8:21
4.Into the Fire4:19
5.Child in Time20:13
6.Paint It Black5:15
7.Wring That Neck (Hard Road)17:09
8.Black Night7:48