Mambo Americano mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Mambo Americanoby Various Artists

  • 63 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:30


1.All She Wants to Do Is Mamboby Wynonie Harris2:26
2.Cool Mamboby The Sheppards2:46
3.Don't Play No Mamboby The Charioteers2:49
4.Dye-Ooh Mamboby Chuck Higgins2:01
5.Mambo Gunchby Chris Powell2:39
6.I Want You to Be My Baby-Mamboby The Royals2:15
7.Mambo Bluesby Duke Jenkins Orchestra2:18
8.After Hours Mamboby J.J. Jones2:03
9.Cozy & Bossa (Cozy's Mambo)by Cozy Cole2:34
10.Crazy Mamboby Classie Ballou2:23
11.Mambo Boogieby Johnny Otis2:43
12.Mambo Santa Mamboby The Enchanters2:41
13.Mombo Carolynby The Octaves1:28
14.Mambo Chillunby John Lee Hooker2:56
15.Mambo Chopsticksby Cal Tjader Trio2:45
16.Mambo Daddyby The Celebrities1:59
17.Mambo Fiestaby The Calvaes2:20
18.Mambo Is Everywhereby Billy Brooks2:47
19.Caldonia's Mamboby Street Singers2:36
20.Mambo Shevitz (Man O Man)by Crows2:13
21.Rock with the Mamboby Johnny Fraser2:19
22.Mardi Gras Mamboby The Hawketts2:15
23.Night Train Mamboby J.J. Jones2:18
24.She Wants to Mamboby The Chanters2:50
25.Stop Mamboby Danny Kirkland2:06
26.Teenage Mamboby The Gaylarks1:48
27.The Mamboby The Charmers2:02
28.7-11 (Mambo No. 5)by The Blazers3:08
29.Mambo Boogieby Billy Boyd2:13
30.Big Joe Mamboby Fay Simmons2:20
31.All Night Mamboby The Cookies2:17
32.Mambo Trainby The Miracle Tones2:24
33.Rosco's Mamboby Rosco Gordon2:26
34.Mambo Honky Tonkby Morgan Sisters2:25
35.Mambo Boogieby The Harptones1:51
36.Tabolino (Mambo)by Tab Smith2:40
37.Annie's Mamboby T.N.T. Tribble2:14
38.Blues Mamboby Sonny Thompson2:45
39.Mambo of Loveby Nolan Strong2:41
40.Good Mambo Tonightby Wynonie Harris2:29
41.Blues and Mamboby Chuck Higgins2:23
42.Congo Mamboby Manzie Harris Orchestra2:27
43.Mambo Babyby Ruth Brown2:43
44.Mambosticby Earl Bostic2:34
45.Mambolinoby Earl Bostic2:43
46.Shake It up Mamboby The Platters2:43
47.I Just Wanna Mamboby Linda Hayes2:36
48.I Got to Learn to Mamboby Ivory Joe Hunter2:43
49.Real Gone Mambo (Si Si Nova)by Bill Doggett3:02
50.Mamma Mamboby Marvin & Johnny2:31
51.Mambo Sh-Mamboby The Charms2:20
52.Loop De Loop Mamboby The Robins2:14
53.Mambo Baby Tonightby The Falcons2:19
54.Mamboby Joe Houston2:21
55.T-Town Mamboby Ernie Fields2:18
56.Ay Si Si (Mambo)by The Dootones2:27
57.Bopping with the Mamboby The Sultans2:33
58.Mambo Oonghby The Dappers3:01
59.Mambo Bluesby Buddy Lucas' All-Stars2:35
60.Mambo Rockby Artie Malvin2:25
61.Mambo Babyby Georgia Gibbs2:24
62.Gumbo Mamboby Larke Sisters2:51
63.Leeward Island Mamboby Big Shell Steel Band of Antigua3:04