Masters of Hardcore, Chapter VIII: Thesurvivorsofhardcore mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter VIII: Thesurvivorsofhardcoreby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:45


Disk #1

1.Under Controlby Masters of Ceremony4:39
2.Different Breed of Menby Promo3:34
3.X-Terminateby The Viper4:47
4.The Game of Painby DJ J.D.A.3:59
5.Murphy's Lawby Buzz Fuzz4:09
6.Dirty Muthafuckerzby Digital Boy4:01
7.Fuck the Prejudiceby Nosferatu4:28
8.The Same Positionby Catscan3:39
9.Make Some Noiseby Omar Santana3:28
10.Fuck Out Quickby Holy Crown Forces3:45
11.Punk Bitches (and Dr. Z-Vago)by DJ Outblast4:08
12.New Generation of XTCby Endonyx4:13
13.I Had to Kill a Lot of Peopleby DJ Paul3:48
14.Bass Be Louderby Scott Brown3:55
15.Balzz in Yer Mouthby Neophyte4:08
16.Prince of Darknessby Elite Force4:07
17.Extreme Anthem (DJ J.D.A. Extremix)by DJ J.D.A.4:01
18.Trance Trutjeby Akira4:25

Disk #2

1.Dewegwijzerby Base Alert4:25
2.The Futureby Nosferatu4:13
3.Mass Hysteriaby Bass-D & King Matthew4:06
4.Hurricane Brainby Promo4:00
5.Skullfuckby Masters of Ceremony4:10
6.Let Him Go (and Raoul Meets Impulse Factory)by The Reactor3:59
7.Rageby DJ Paul4:18
8.Purple Pillzby DJ J.D.A.3:34
9.The Order (and DJ Tim)by Partyraizer4:08
10.King of the Beatsby Scott Brown4:00
11.Shit Can Happen (and Dr. Z-Vago)by DJ Outblast4:19
12.This Means Warby Re-Style4:19
13.Master Madnessby Buzz Fuzz4:30
14.Boriqua Bitch (Buzz Fuzz remix)by Rob Gee3:52
15.Seperated Worldby Korsakoff3:49
16.Sweet Dreamsby DJ Mad Dog3:50
17.The Core (DJ Promo & Catscan remix)by Endymion3:56
18.Holland Is G.V.D. Het Hardste!! (Drokz & Tailz Aussies Maxies Gabber mix)by Noisekick4:03

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