Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XLI: Vault of Violence mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XLI: Vault of Violenceby Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:29:37


1.Vault Of Violence (MOH 2019 Anthem Mix) (feat. Sovereign King)by N-Vitral4:43
2.Sanctity Of Space Cassini's Journey (Mix)by Nosferatu4:30
3.Critter (Mix)by Angerfist3:18
4.Come Get Some (Mix) (and Anime)by DJ Mad Dog2:53
5.Follow Me (Mix) (and Tears of Fury)by Korsakoff3:21
6.So Loud (Mix)by D-Fence3:31
7.Fuzz & Fight (Mix) (feat. Da Mouth Of Madness)by Unexist3:53
8.Fears (Mix)by Blaster3:19
9.Savage & Wild (MOH Russia 2019 Anthem Mix) (feat. Tha Watcher)by Re-Style3:50
10.Abracadabra (Mix)by Stereotype3:07
11.Never Surrender (Mix)by Never Surrender2:40
12.Teeth Grinding (Mix) (feat. Multiplex MC)by Noize Suppressor2:34
13.Guns (Mix) (and Myosuke)by Broken Minds2:56
14.Still Standing (Mix) (and Furyan)by Tha Playah3:33
15.Speed Tickets (Mix) (and Crossfiyah)by Odium3:37
16.Up In Smoke (Mix)by Miss K83:12
17.Robot Gangbang (Mix) (and Sefa)by Warface3:04
18.Killer (Mix)by Bulletproof3:22
19.Pure Domination (Mix) (and MBK)by Deadly Guns3:17
20.Operation Core (Mix) (and Dr. Peacock)by Partyraiser3:13
21.The Pain (Mix)by Nosferatu4:00
22.World Of Fury (Mix)by Death by Design3:13
23.The Craving (MOH Austria 2019 Anthem Mix) (and Never Surrender feat. Tha Watcher)by Tha Playah3:52
24.Laughing Loud (Mix)by DJ Mad Dog3:22
25.The Poison (N-Vitral Remix)by Miss K83:46
26.Shaman (Mix)by Blaster3:06
27.Approach To Midnight (Mix) (and Alee)by Nosferatu3:29
28.In The End (Mix)by Anime3:24
29.Bare Knuckle Fist (Mix) (and N-Vitral)by Angerfist3:55
30.The Choice (Mix)by Crossfiyah3:12
31.Joker Smoker 2019 (Mix) (and Stolen Cult)by Ragnarok3:23
32.Fck U (Mix)by Tears of Fury3:27
33.The Warriors (Mix)by Korsakoff3:39
34.R4g3 (Mix) (and Predator)by Koozah3:15
35.Embrace The Fire (Mix) (and Tha Playah)by DJ Mad Dog3:19
36.Hardcore & Destruction (Mix)by Ignite3:01
37.Mind Control (Mix)by Access One3:34
38.Bounce Again (Mix) (and Hard Effectz)by Partyraiser3:17
39.Westcoast Don (Mix)by Negative A3:26
40.Start The Riot (Mix)by F. Noize2:58
41.Killer Beat (Mix) (and Sefa)by Nosferatu3:37
42.Mystical Solstice (Mix) (and Progamers)by Billx3:07
43.Ease My Mind (Mix) (and Sjammienators)by Juliex3:12
44.Worst Enemy (Mix) (feat. Drokz)by Furyan3:10