Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XVI: The Underground Vendetta mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XVI: The Underground Vendettaby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:52


Disk #1

1.Zooby Base Alert4:26
2.Violator (Tommyknocker remix)by Headbanger3:59
3.Fuck What U Heard (Vince feat. DJ Sceletor remix)by DJ Outblast4:17
4.Mortal War (and Endymion)by DJ D4:30
5.The Shape-Shifting Master of Darknessby The Outside Agency4:03
6.Hardcore Motherfuckerby Nico E Tetta3:50
7.Break It Downby Re-Style3:25
8.Kapotnaaien (Fotzelegger mix by D'Spyre)by Enzyme X4:27
9.Like a Bitchby Nuclear Device4:01
10.Falling Downby Prowler4:43
11.Virtual Dynamics (vs. Audio Scum)by D-Ranged3:57
12.Kick Type 2by Meccano Twins3:43
13.Fallin' Crap (Placid K remix)by Coreporation4:45
14.Nephilim (vs. The Blaster)by DJ D4:03
15.Sycologyby MC Syco4:19
16.Stay Down With the Coreby Re-Style3:54
17.Facerockerby Mindustries3:32
18.Oogkas Penetratieby Noisekick3:53

Disk #2

1.Butterfly (VIP edit)by Ophidian6:02
2.Krazyby Angerfist4:03
3.Suffer Eternal Torment (live mix)by Menace II Society4:12
4.Kickz of Steel (An Ode 2 da Kickz)by Buzz Fuzz4:01
5.Eastside Revolutionby Serial Killaz3:56
6.Nutrition (Headbanger remix)by Tommyknocker3:53
7.Voices of Deathby Endymion4:00
8.The Last Releaseby Meccano Twins4:01
9.Hardcore State of Mind (and Firestone feat. MC Ruffian)by DJ Paul Elstak4:05
10.Sacrificeby Re-Style4:02
11.Raw Powerby DJ J.D.A.3:51
12.Face of Deathby Prowler4:00
13.Loose Control (vs. The VIper)by DJ D3:38
14.Mindful Candyby Catscan4:21
15.Keep Them Titties Jumpingby Tha Playah3:09
16.Bigger Than Ever (feat. DJ Panic & MC Alee)by Evil Activities4:04
17.Come Here and Dieby DJ Dione4:01
18.Smoking Bluntby Negative A3:46

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